Carasso Real Estate, LTD.

Since 1933

Carasso Real Estate, LTD., a division of the Carasso Group, encompasses all of the real estate operations of the group.

The Carasso Group was founded in 1933 in Israel by Mr. Moshe Carasso. Throughout the decades, the company has played a prominent, leading role in building Israel, evident in its extensive, diversified investments and commercial operations. Under the leadership of Moshe Carasso’s family members, the group has expanded its scope of operation, gaining ample experience and abundant assets. These attributes, along with the broad support of the shareholders—Carasso family members—confer Carasso Real Estate the financial solidity to carry out diverse, far-reaching commercial development within the various real estate realms.


Residential Real Estate Developers:

Developing, planning and constructing broad-scale residential projects: To date, the company holds projects in various stages of completion in the cities of Petach Tikva, Hod Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Kiryat Ono.
Building improvement, reinforcement and expansion under the aegis of the Urban Master Building Plan 38—(“TAMA 38”), executed via the subsidiary companyCarasso Building 38 and Carasso Real Estate Metropolitan, which are currently involved in some 20 projects in the field, primarily in the Tel Aviv region, central Israel and the Sharon area.


Development and Administration in Real Estate Property Investments

Initiating and developing the establishment of high-level regional retail centers. Currently, the company is developing the construction of shopping centers in Tel Aviv, Yavneh, Ashdod, Ma’ale Adumim, Hadera and Even Yehudah.
Concurrently, Carasso Real Estate is building commercial towers, industrial facilities and hi-tech complexes in Petach Tikva, Rishon Lezion, Beersheva and Rehovoth. The company’s property investment holdings comprise a total scope of some 90,000 meters (98,400 yards) in Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Rishon Lezion, Jerusalem, Haifa, Rehovoth, Beersheva and more.
Carasso Real Estate is a dynamic company, initiating and developing Israel’s finest real estate endeavors. The good of the clients and the needs of the community stand at the forefront of the company’s priorities, demanding uncompromising standards for quality and excellence in planning and constructing, trustworthiness, and exemplary service. These goals are implemented with the help of Carasso’s dedicated, conscientious team of employees and professional administrators.

Connecting Construction & Community

Company Vision and Values

Since 1933
Carasso Real Estate is an Israeli company engaged in the promotion, development, design and construction of real estate. The company strives to be a frontrunner in the key realms of real estate, while maintaining the values of fairness, reliability and professionalism.

In all endeavors and relations with business partners, suppliers and customers, Carasso Real Estate operates with transparency, integrity and professionalism, demanding uncompromised quality and excellence.

Executive Profiles

Since 1933

Carasso Real Estate’s team of executives and staff is topnotch, professional, proficient and trustworthy. Each member of the team epitomizes and fosters the company’s values throughout the ongoing work with clients, suppliers and commercial partners.
The Carasso Real Estate administration is subordinate to the directorate composed of members of the Carasso family as well as two external directors.