Investment Properties

The comprehensive scope of Carasso Real Estate’s income-yielding property totals some 90,000 square meters (107,639 square yards), including office towers located in the most desirable areas in the heart of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem’s business districts, automotive centers, and logistics complexes. Each and every asset contributes to the financial solidity, enabling the company to carry out new development endeavors and wide-ranging commercial activities in the real estate market.
As a company with abundant experience in development and the construction of office towers, Carasso Real Estate grants its clients close personal service and advice for implementing adaptations to the property, including the option to carry them out under the company’s auspices–thus enjoying the high standards Carasso maintains in the broad scope of development.
159 hahistadrut Boulevard, Haifa
Carasso Tower, Beersheva
Habira Towers, Jerusalem
Kiryat Arye
Prisma House, Petach Tikva
Renault House (“Beit Reno”), Tel AVIV
Rival 10, Tel Aviv
The Carasso Tower, Tel Aviv